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brutal_critters's Journal

Brutal Critters
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Have you ever sent a piece of writing off to a beta reader and been disappointed when “I liked it” is the only response you get?

Do you leap for joy when assignments get returned covered in red ink?

Does bland praise bore you? Does a good constructive criticism (concrit) make you weak at the knees?

If so, then this is the community for you. Here in Brutal_Critters, we’ll tear your writing to shreds and pick through its bones. It’s going to be long, hard, and lubeless, but you’ll come out the other end with a fantastic piece of work.

We take all types of fiction, and we're also glad to see your poetry of any style, so don't let the fact that your work is in an unconventional style or that you can't churn out decent prose to save your soul stop you from submitting.

Please keep your submissions of reasonable length, though. If you wouldn't want to read it in a sitting, chances are, neither would we.

Members are encouraged to snark, catfight, mockitymock, and namecall – but all in the name of good writing.

Grammar Nazis welcome!
Literature snobs welcome!
Snarky bitches welcome!
Emo teens who tYpE lYkE tHiS welcome!
MST3Kers welcome!
Anybody who wants to give and receive brutal, honest, and genuine concrit is welcome!

Post Format:
When submitting a piece of writing to the Critters, please follow these guidelines:
1. Post the text of the piece under an LJ cut. Anyone who fails to follow this will be bopped on the head.
2. Specify outside of the cut what type and genre of writing it is.
3. If there’s anything specific you want the critters to focus on, put it at the beginning.
4. IMPORTANT: If you're planning to publish your work at any point in the future, FRIENDSLOCK your posts. Many publishers won't want to take a piece that's available for free on the internet. Set your post to "Friends Only!"


In the interests of this: Members, please do your best to comment on every post. I know it's not always possible, but as often as you humanly can. Just take a few minutes to contribute to the tearing-to-shreds of someone's psyche. I promise you, it's worth it.